D'Ingianni Porsche 916


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The D'Ingianni 916 started out as a silver 1974 1.8 Liter 914.  When it was acquired in 1992 it had been painted yellow and had a 916 front bumper added.  It had been in a small front-end collision during a recent Dallas area ice storm.

Other than the front end damage, the car was in good condition.  It had the usual, aftermarket additions like the EMPI wheels, and the rear-reflector.

The side vinyl had been removed and painted black along with the door handles and rear bumper.

The original 1.8 Liter engine had a big-bore kit added which brought the displacement up to a respectable 1911cc.  The mechanics of the car were in very good shape, but it due to the vast number of non-standard additions, and the simple fact that it was a 1974 year model, this car was not destined for the typical affluent concourse scrutiny.

From the beginning, this car was begging to be something really different.
The interior was in rather good condition, but it had a tear on the rear vinyl and an ugly plastic aftermarket dash-cap.

One nice interior modification was speaker holes cut into the door panels.  The 914 always had poor sound options.

The Mardi Gras beads are just a constant reminder of home in New Orleans.
With no hope of making this car a true restoration, this car was destined to be a 916 replica.



Owner: Vincente D'Ingianni, II
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