D'Ingianni Porsche 916

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This project would not be possible without the selfless giving from some honorable Porsche 914s which are long gone, but will always be remembered.

This was my first 914 that I purchased in 1988, a white 1973 1.7 Liter in very nice condition.

This car woke me up to the untrustworthiness of some auto mechanics.  The mechanic that I purchased this from had replaced one of the 92mm big-bore cylinders with a stock 88mm cylinder.  I did not learn this until 3 weeks after I purchased the car when it lost compression in the other cylinders.

After spending all of my hard earned money on my first sports car, I had to quickly learn how to rebuild a Type IV engine.
Along the way, I picked up a good parts car in New Orleans.

This car lived behind the original Binary Systems office building in Kenner, LA where it was regularly picked apart by me, and the local criminals.

I found it hard to believe the old 1.8 Liter engine from this car was stolen.  It is amazing that your average car part thief would know what this engine was.


This beauty was purchased for a meager $150

I called it "Reagan" because of its bumper sticker.

The sad part about this poor car is that by today's standards, it could have been fully restored.



This is what happens when a fearless 22-year-old decides to fly a Porsche inverted.

I performed a full 360 degree roll and landed back on all four wheels.

Only a pile of rocks were hurt during the making of this episode of the Dukes of Hazzard.


This is how you perform a 914 to TR7 conversion in under 10 seconds.  Yes, the roll-bar worked!
Amazingly, I walked away from this with only a scratch on my elbow and bruised pocket book.

New Rule 1: Don't allow kids under 25 to drive Classic Cars--even if they buy and maintain it themselves.  They will do stupid things.

New Rule 2: Wear your seatbelt.
Owner: Vincente D'Ingianni, II
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