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To properly transplant a 3.2 Liter engine into a 914, a number of body modifications were necessary.  While we were at it, we took the opportunity to properly fix some lingering rust problems and enhanced the car from the inside out.

Richard Fisher, the owner of an impressive Chevy 8-cylinder powered 914, is responsible for the body restoration and strengthening work.


The right rear quarter panel was removed to expose ancient rust from water leaking over the original battery tray.

The previous owner had performed an impressive fiberglass repair and masking job on the interior of the engine compartment.

However, for many years we suspected that there was need to do some repair.  Now we had the opportunity.

Removal of the quarter panel also allowed easy access to install other chassis strengthening additions.

Sure enough, we were right.  Even though the battery had been relocated into the trunk long ago, there was still some underlying rust which threatened the integrity of the car.

Close inspection shows the extent of the damage to the engine compartment which spread to the outside.

A lot of grinding and welding will be necessary here.
The inside of the engine compartment was rebuilt with new sheet metal.

A new battery tray will be placed in the engine compartment to free up the trunk space.

Modern batteries, such as the Optima Dry cells, are sealed to prevent 914 engine compartment rust and deterioration.  It is now safe to put the battery tray back where it was originally intended.


Note that the old motor mounts for the 4-cylinder engine have been removed.  There is no turning back now!

The rebuilt inner wheel wells with GT chassis reinforcements added.

Note, the fiberglass flares were not damaged and maintained integrity throughout the entire project.


Another common rust point is repaired.
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A rear trunk replacement panel from Restoration Design, as well as, a front trunk panel from a loyal donor call was used to repair rust damage in the trunk.

Extra steel tubing was built into the bar holding the transmission mounts.
Owner: Vincente D'Ingianni, II
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