D'Ingianni Porsche 916

  Engine Transplant

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The power plant for the D'Ingianni Porsche 916 is a transplanted 1985 3.2 Liter 911 engine with only 50K original miles before the overhaul.

Wes Hildreth of H&H Enterprises in Plano, TX is responsible for building the engine and transmission.  I left the 6-cylinder rebuild to a real pro with numerous conversions under his belt.



A custom designed air conditioner compressor mount was designed by Wes Hildreth.


Standard 914-6 sheet metal is used.

A front view of the 3.2 Liter with a 914-6 Sport motor mount.
This 901 gearbox uses a stock 3.2L flywheel and stock 225mm pressure plate, a '71 911 throwout bearing, and a '70 911S sport disc-clutch.
A close-up of the flipped 911 901 transmission case.

A stock 914 side plate holds the Quaife Limited Slip Differential in place.

Smooth shifting is enhanced with a hydraulic clutch.

Owner: Vincente D'Ingianni, II
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