D'Ingianni Porsche 916


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To properly transplant a 3.2 Liter engine into a 914, a number of body modifications were necessary.  While we were at it, we took the opportunity to properly fix some lingering rust problems and enhanced the car from the inside out.

Right and left side GT chassis stiffening kits installed in the rear fender wells.


Trailing arm reinforcements are welded over the stock trailing arms.  Note the special trailer loop added to each trailing arm to facilitate strapping the rear of the car onto a car carrier trailer.


A rear brace from a Cadillac is added inside the rear trunk to stiffen the suspension even more.

The new trunk and strut tower brace is almost ready for prep and paint.


Modern gas trunk shocks replace the old spring mechanism.


A-1 Racing Adjustable coil-over set with 125 lb. springs.

Longitudinal strengthening kits are welded along the side of the car behind the rocker panels.


Owner: Vincente D'Ingianni, II
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